I am quite upset to have just discovered that I was misled into purchasing a membership at Vida vacations/Ventas Riviera maya. I was led to believe that I was purchasing 32 weeks with accelerated usage in the Grand Mayan.

I specifically asked the salesperson if all 32 weeks could be used in the Grand Mayan and the response was," Yes they can"! I am a trusting person and took the salespersons word since I have never had any problems with the timeshare I own for over 10 years now in Los Cabos, Mexico. I was rushed through the paperwork and told that the welcome information package would be sent to me in the mail in the next 30 days. After waiting weeks and never receiving any information, I called back to the resort and explained the situation.

Subsequently, I received a call from a representative who answered many questions for me and gave me access to the members only website. Due to the answers provided me from my questions asked as well as researching the members only website, I began to see that I was totally misled. I realized that instead of 32 Grand Mayan weeks, I only received one grand mayan week to be used in the next 2 years. That is not what was presented to me and surely is not what the salesperson and I agreed upon.

Evenmore, I ended up giving up my Los Cabos timeshare during the purchase which is paid for in full since I felt I would no longer need both memberships. It seemed like a good deal being that all the weeks were supposedly in the grand mayan but after finding out that only 1 week can be used in the grand mayan, I went into shock thinking how could this have happened to me. To think of the money I spent on the Los Cabos timeshare and this Vida/Ventas Riviera Maya membership for only 1 week that can be used in the unit I was most interested in has turned out to be a complete misrepresentation.

This does not sit well with me, especially being retired. I felt others should know about my experience with this sales organization.

Monetary Loss: $7200.

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Viking, Alberta, Canada #931755

Looks like I am not the only one misled by the staff at Vida vacations/Ventas Riveria Maya, especially Darryl Garfield Armstrong. We spent thousands to find out we own nothing except an ICE membership which I already have.

I am hoping I can sit down with him on our next visit and get to the bottom of it. After reading these, I don't have much faith.

to Leon Matawan, New Jersey, United States #941023

Leon, was Darryl the last person that tried the pitch with you? We were also duped while at Mayan Palace in Puerto Vallarta by Darryl Armstrong.

He promised us 400 weeks, at any hotel or resort, 4 star or higher, booked within 90 days and we would pay a maximum of 399 per week.

I have now gone on the "website" for vacation privileges and found out that everything he said was untrue.

Now that I have read all of the reviews online, I am disheartened, and angry that I let myself be convinced into paying thousands for this.


Find out more on youtube, of how this empire of deceit Vida Vacations is systematically deceiving people. Search on you tube for "The Philanthropist and his Mayan Empire" by George McGarrett.

Denver, Colorado, United States #820576

This complaint has been satisfactorily resolved and therefore I now retract my statement.

to Anonymous Newark, New Jersey, United States #825972

BS. Nothing has been resolved. Anonymous, you are a cook and part of the team of evil that prey on innocent people.

to ***EDOFF IN NJ #844896

.l. all of you

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