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Vida Vacations resolved all of my issues in a timely professional manner.

Original review posted by user Feb 13, 2012

I was misinformed during the presentation at The Grand Mayan Los Cabos. Not only did we lose an entire day of our vacation, but were conned into purchasing a marketing plan that is not legitimate.

I was told it would be easy to trade those units for airfare. Being able to afford the airfare to Mexico was one of my main concerns. They convinced us. I repeatedly asked about the marketing portion of the contract and where it was in writing that I could market back the units.

While at the resort, I continued to ask for information on marketing portion, given excuses and avoided. Upon returning to the states, I found that they all charge for the possibility of marketing, with no guarantees.

I gave Vida Vacations the benefit of the doubt to its credibility. I have determined that I no longer wish to be associated the people who take advantage of families who are just trying to take a hard earned vacation, with what little money they have, by conning them out of more money with a "too good to be true" scam.

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I was able to get away with a free breakfast and tickets for a cruise,who is the scanner now.*** salesman!!!!


Thats what i went through, starting in the Cancun airport, but we didnt go yay


Whitin five labor days of your purchase please contact PROFECO in Mexico.

With only a call to the Mayan Palace they are able to have your money back.

But Mayan palace ask you to sign that you are not going to tell anybody what really happened

to lucky #763209

Yes, that seems to be the pattern.

Good thing that Mexico has 5 days to cancel the contract.

The fact that these people stay in business so long doing this should be a warning to others.

If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

Do not believe what you are told.

The written contract is the ONLY truth.

And even that is suspect.


Vida Vacations resolved all of my issues in a timely professional manner.


I am currently in contact with the customer service department of Vida Vacations and am in the process of resolving this issue.

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