This company promised many things--including access to the Manhattan Club in NYC. After speaking to the Manhattan Club, I found out they have never done business with the Mayan Group.

I was also told I could get weeks at Small Luxurious Hotels of the World. That was also a lie. I have stated my displeasure with the company and requested a refund. I received a short curt response that they would not refund anything.

I am sorry I ever did business with this unethical company.

Also VIDA is not a private residence club as they claimed but a hotel.

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I went out of my way to make a comment to this website called PISSED CONSUMER.com. I made my complaint about Wal-Mart working with Kimberly-Clark the manufacturers of Scott's tissues thousand sheet toilet paper.

Then, somebody made a comment responding to my original post. And then I tried to make a comment about that persons commenting on my comment and once I typed in this:...."I am not completely naïve and I do understand this is happening in certain areas of the retail business such as clothing, sports memorabilia, etc., but I never thought that Wal-Mart Corporation would be fully participating in this Bait and Switch crappie tactic which is a legal way of stealing consumer's money! Yes, STEALING! " And once I finish typing in the above comment to respond to the person's comment regarding my post this website would not allow me to enter it so that my comment would be added to this post.


The system said I did not enter the secret code properly. I did five times in a row!

()()()() Now, I have just posted a complaint about this website because I am a PISSED CONSUMMER about this website altering my posts and not allowing me to make comments about others' comments about MY POST COMPLAINT.


Dear "Anonymous" user:

We have been informed about your comment as it was pointed out by some of our faithful clients. We care deeply about our customers and we will be pleased to clarify the information about the exchanges available through your membership with us.

We will be pleased to assist you by having you contact us through the proper communication channels at grupomayanblog@grupovidanta.com or by telephone at 1-800-292-9446. We would very much like to know who you are to provide you personalized assistance, as with the information provided in your comment we have been unable to find you in our system’s files.

We are devoted to provide the most spectacular vacations on the best beach locations available in Mexico. We encourage you to give us the chance to assist you properly.

We truly appreciate your time.


Xavier Ambrose

Customer Support Representative.

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