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I am PISSED. I am willing to partisapate in a class action lawsuit to stop lairs, cheaters, conmen/women from misrepresenting what should be a very wonderful experence.

The experence of a Mexico Vacation without the hassle of cheaters, liars, and ***-artists. As a group i believe we have some say-so to these type of sales tactics. If we join forces and all stick to gether we might have a chance. If each one of us try by ourselves we;ll be bulldozed.

Tell me what you think. We'll see if enough people want to partisapate we'll find a lawyer to help.

Please send me a e-mail and we'll get the ball rolling.

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We to are ready to work with the attorney general and find an attorney to file a class action. Have you a list of people interested.

I have seen many posts we just need to.organize. Mayan needs to pay for these fraudulent practices and scams

Glendale, California, United States #802949

I'm blown away. We fell for this scam in 2008, paid way more then I've read anyone else paying and we're told we could go ANYWHERE a Mayan resort was "Even the brand new one in Cabo" the man said.

So we did it. Came to find out, we can only go to 2 of the resorts. Once in Cancun and another in Puarta Vallarta. And to be honest, they're both not like the one's they walked us around and showed us models of.

These people lied, and pressured us with false information and we fell for it. They also raised the maint. fees and just told me this year that I have to pay some sort of BUILDING fee for the new one's (That I cannot go to by the way…) isn't that so lovely.

I'm in for a class action lawsuit. Even if I get only 20% of what I paid, it will at least shut these people down for a while.


I have been asked for Bethany's contact info. Here it is.



Do you have the contact information for BethanyB so others can get their Mayan Nightmares resolved as well?



After the post here I was contacted by 2 people. One was just a form letter the other was by e-mail wanting to resolve my issues.

At first it seemed like just another scam to get me to quit ***. A lady by the name of Bethany help get things done in a timely manner. A few e-mails back and forth and I truely believe we have eveything ironed out to my satisfaction. I was unsure at first because of the way the sales process went but after about 8-10 emails we're satisfied we are on the right track.

Get a hold of Bethany B.and she'll help. Thanks Bethany for you help resolving this issue Dave


Dear "Davenlsn",

We kindly ask you to reconsider your position. We would like to be given the chance to work this out in the best possible manner for all parties involved.

Even though this kind of observations are intended for other customers, we prefer to be hands on with the current clients that for some reason allege there was a failure on our part to clearly communicate the terms and conditions associated with the purchase of our products. Although the information is clear in the signed documents, we continue to work towards an even clearer communication.

Give us the opportunity to work things out with you; you must agree that it would be preferable to resolve this matter in an amicable way. Kindly contact us to provide us the details about your case at or by email at 1 (800) 292-9446.

We hope to hear from you soon.


Karen Rose

Customer Support Representative.

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